i'm lake. nice to meet you.

despite growing up in the 90's and having a little HTML For Dummies reference book to make my neopets pages look neato, i learned very little! so this page is an attempt to rectify this, as well as giving myself a space just for me, at all costs.

i have DID, as well as a lot of other mental illness bullshit and neurodivergency, and have a bit of an issue understanding my "self". i believe that i've lost a lot of what makes me, me. whether because of mental illness, social media, whatever, i have trouble speaking my mind. understanding my own feelings is an ongoing struggle. i have no goals or dreams of my own, and it's. incredibly isolating.

so with this space that's mine, i intend to try to find my "self", as dumb and over the top as that sounds.

thanks for being here.